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The Benefits of Wool Dryer Balls

Whether you landed here because you're on the hunt for an alternative to dryer sheets or you're here purely by accident (or is it serendipity?), we at TumbleWool would love to take a moment of your time to explain what wool dryer balls do and how they work. TumbleWool is the creator of the bigger, brighter, and better wool dryer balls. They are the natural non-toxic fabric softener, and our softener balls perform at a higher level of efficiency than the other softeners on the market. Get in on the wool dryer ball phenomenon--shop at TumbleWool today! Much Faster Drying Time One of the biggest benefits of dryer balls is that they dry much more efficiently than sheets and liquid...

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Why Wool Dryer Balls are Perfect for Cloth Diapers

If you're the parent/guardian/wrangler of a tiny human, you're quite familiar with the mountains of laundry that pile up. Between all the clothes, bibs, cloth diapers, 9,000 teensy socks, and all the other random things your parent group swore you needed, it's likely that you're drowning in fibers. TumbleWool has your back. Our balls are the biggest and best wool dryer balls you can get. Kiss your chemical-laden fabric softener good-bye. Our dryer balls are chemical-free, reusable, and they cut down on your drying time. Buy them individually or in sets of four. Shop now! Cut Costs Between the special (and pricey) baby fabric detergent you're supposed to use, dryer sheets, and the energy bills from running the dryer all...

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