You may be wondering what wool dryer balls have that the products you’re already using don’t, but the key to their brilliance is actually in what they’re missing. Did you know that most fabric softeners contain chemicals on the EPA's toxic waste list? Are you aware that the majority of dryer sheets on the market include harmful chemicals known to cause central nervous system and respiratory disorders? They also often contain known carcinogens and flammables.

The plastic dryer balls of yesteryear are made of PVC, which releases toxins when heated (beyond that, they break easily and can let off loud, jarring sounds). TumbleWool’s balls are completely natural, so you can rest assured that they don’t contain any scary chemicals—just wool. We also don’t use fragrances, so to those of you with sensitive skin or allergies: we’ve got you covered.

Oftentimes, when you hear or see the words “all-natural” or “chemical free”, they come with a lofty price tag. With TumbleWool, that couldn’t be further from the truth. TumbleWool\s natural dryer balls are the best-priced wool dryer balls on the market. We sell a set of four for $25, compared to our competitors who regularly price the same for $30 or more. Not only that, but because they last so long (close to a year), they ultimately cost less annually than dryer sheets, fabric softener, or plastic dryer balls. We also include free shipping on all orders !!

Our commitment to the environment sets TumbleWool apart. Everything from our product to our packaging is made with the Earth in mind. Our felted wool dryer balls are made from 100% wool and our packaging is biodegradable. The wool soaks up moisture, reducing your dry time and conserving energy.

If you want to switch to a healthier, more environmentally sound way of doing your laundry, order today.