The Benefits of Wool Dryer Balls

Whether you landed here because you're on the hunt for an alternative to dryer sheets or you're here purely by accident (or is it serendipity?), we at TumbleWool would love to take a moment of your time to explain what wool dryer balls do and how they work.

TumbleWool is the creator of the bigger, brighter, and better wool dryer balls. They are the natural non-toxic fabric softener, and our softener balls perform at a higher level of efficiency than the other softeners on the market. Get in on the wool dryer ball phenomenon--shop at TumbleWool today!

Much Faster Drying Time

One of the biggest benefits of dryer balls is that they dry much more efficiently than sheets and liquid softeners. Our balls, for example, dry 40% faster because they absorb the moisture from washing. This means you're saving money on your electricity bills for one, and two, you're getting through laundry much quicker (and who wants to prolong laundry day?). And if you're washing your kiddo's favorite blanket, you can get it back to her in the span of a nap.

Eliminates Static

Static build-up happens in the dryer because your clothes cling together. Softener coats them with chemicals that counteract the static charge from heat, leaving your clothes soft, fragranced, and nicer-looking. But the chemicals come at a cost, many times in the form of skin irritation and allergic reactions. When you use non-toxic fabric softener balls, you're eliminating the need for chemical softener altogether. The 100% wool balls tumble with your clothing, absorbing moisture and keeping them separate. You won't have any static charge, and your clothes will be fresh and wrinkle-free.


Fragrances in fabric softeners can exacerbate respiratory issues, especially asthma, or trigger migraines. If you or somebody in your family is particularly prone to be irritated by fragrances, you need an alternative. Not just a chemical that covers up fragrances, but one that is actually unscented. Wool dryer balls are a natural, non-toxic fabric softener that's free of fragrances. If you want to add fragrance, you can use a few drops of essential oils to customize your scent!

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

As long as we have sheep, we'll have wool. It's a sustainable resource that's got minimal production requirements. You won't be using so much packaging or consuming so much product. You use the same balls over and over for a year or more, which makes them very eco-friendly. And because they're chemical-free, they are much friendlier to the environment!

You and your family deserve nothing but the best when it comes to the products you use in your home. When you use 100% natural wool dryer balls by TumbleWool, you're getting the best softener on the market. Our balls are bigger and better and come in a variety of colors to go with your style.

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