Why Wool Dryer Balls are Perfect for Cloth Diapers

If you're the parent/guardian/wrangler of a tiny human, you're quite familiar with the mountains of laundry that pile up. Between all the clothes, bibs, cloth diapers, 9,000 teensy socks, and all the other random things your parent group swore you needed, it's likely that you're drowning in fibers.

TumbleWool has your back. Our balls are the biggest and best wool dryer balls you can get. Kiss your chemical-laden fabric softener good-bye. Our dryer balls are chemical-free, reusable, and they cut down on your drying time. Buy them individually or in sets of four. Shop now!

Cut Costs

Between the special (and pricey) baby fabric detergent you're supposed to use, dryer sheets, and the energy bills from running the dryer all the time, it adds up financially, too. While you can't ditch the baby detergent, when you toss a set of TumbleWool into the dryer, you can cut down on your drying time by up to 40%. And no, that's not a typo. Forty. Percent. Think of how much coffee and other adult beverages you can buy with all that money you're saving.

Cut the Static

The inserts in cloth diapers are especially prone to static, which your dryer sheets might not handle as well as you'd like. Static and babies aren't exactly a great pairing. The natural wool fibers in our dryer balls will pummel that stiff cotton, naturally fluffing and softening while eliminating the static.

Cut the Wear and Tear

Because your clothes and diapers will spend far less time in the dryer, you're going to get more mileage out of them. The heat from dryers shrinks your clothes and wears down the fibers even faster than washing in either hot or cold water. Additionally, they fade the colors and cause the eyes to transfer from one article of clothing to the other. Unintentional tie dye isn't exactly the best way to make a fashion statement.

Cut the Odor

While washing does a great job of getting dirt and...other your clothing, sometimes odors can linger. You want fresh-smelling clothing, without the nasty chemicals that manufacturers use to create them in fabric softener. And you probably want something that smells more like real lavender than what a company thinks lavender should smell like (real flowers do not smell like fabric softener!). The beauty of our balls is that you can put 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oils on them, which will infuse your clothes with the natural, fresh scent of lavender, lemongrass, orange oil, or whatever combinations you can come up with.

Cut the Waste

Babies create waste. It's a fact. And while there are some things you just can't avoid having to throw away, there are others you can have more control over. Dryer softener sheets, liquid containers, and other packaging are no longer an issue when you make the switch to wool dryer balls. They need no container. You can leave them in the dryer or in a basket on top of the dryer between loads, and they're good to go. Most balls last around 2,000 washes!

Don't waste your time and money with small balls. Get big balls from TumbleWool, which are hands down the best. Order them individually or in packs of four. Shop now!