About Us

Here at TumbleWool, we like to wear clothes, sleep in sheets, and dry off with towels. So, of course, we don’t like it when those things are covered in toxic chemicals. That’s why we started looking into alternatives to the dryer sheets, plastic dryer balls, and fabric softeners that were already on the market. We wanted softer fabric and faster dry times, without all the gross stuff.

When we came across wool dryer balls, we immediately knew they were the right choice for our family. We got to work researching felted wool balls. In 2013, we came across a small company whose product stood miles above the rest, joined forces, and TumbleWool was born.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality, best-priced dryer balls on the market and to being highly responsible denizens of the earth while doing it. Because of that dedication, we ship and package our product in biodegradable materials and hand make our softener balls out of environmentally safe 100 percent wool.

Our commitment goes beyond the environment, though. We also want to provide you with the best possible product! When it comes to dryer balls, size really does matter. A bigger ball equals a quicker dry time and fluffier laundry. You and your family’s health and wellness is our number one concern, so we would never expose you to anything that isn’t absolutely and completely natural. We don’t use any fragrances or extraneous chemicals at TumbleWool and never will.

At TumbleWool, we love our earth, our customers, and soft things. Try our bigger, better, brighter balls for yourself today. Shop now!