The Product

TumbleWool dryer balls are the bigger, brighter, better alternative to dryer sheets, plastic dryer balls, and fabric softeners. Dryer sheets can contain harmful chemicals known to cause central nervous system and respiratory disorders, as well as known carcinogens and flammables. Fabric softeners often contain chloroform and chemicals, such as ethanol, that are on the EPA's toxic waste list. Furthermore, the plastic drying balls already on the market are made of PVC, a plastic that is known for releasing toxins when heated, breaking easily, and being very loud when rattling around in your dryer.

Our product is 100% natural, made without any toxic chemicals or plastic that could harm your family’s health or cause annoying and unnecessary noise. TumbleWool is the eco-conscious and wallet-friendly way to get your laundry feeling fluffy and soft. We only use 100 percent wool when hand-crafting our dryer balls, so our product is completely natural. We inspect every individual product, prior to packaging, in order to make sure they meet our high standards and that you get exactly what you order.

Just toss one of our balls in your dryer and let them do their magic as they tumble around, reducing static and absorbing moisture. When your cycle is done, simply leave the ball in the machine for repeated use. Because they don’t harbor bacteria, there’s no need to take your TumbleWool ball out or wash it—they can be used over and over again. Order today to experience our bigger, better balls for yourself.