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Tumblewool Dryer Balls are the eco-friendly way to get your clothes and cloth diapers feeling fluffy and soft. Just toss them in to your dryer and let them do their magic as they tumble around, separating the clothes and absorbing moisture.

Available in several colors, in sets or as singles, Tumblewool Dryer Balls are a natural way to reduce your drying time and save money!

Low Maintenance...
Just leave your Tumblewool Dryer Balls in the dryer- there’s no need to take them out or wash them.

Good for Your Wallet
Four Tumblewool Dryer Balls can reduce your drying time up to 40%! They can be used for years so there is no need to buy costly dryer sheets!

Good For You
Unlike dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls, Tumblewool Dryer Balls have no chemicals, no fragrance and don’t harbor bacteria.